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OpenGenesis is a sports betting platform that runs on Ethereum public ledger.

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About OpenGenesis Platform

The OpenGenesis is the first generation of our sports betting platform that runs on Ethereum public ledger. It's designed to be completely decentralized, self-governed and transparent, so that players can enjoy the freedom no other sportsbook can provide. Content can be created by anyone who stakes GEN tokens, and is sorted by total amount staked which filters out undesired content. It includes many social features such as ranking, automatic copying of bets, built-in mailbox, comments, and more. Launch is scheduled after Spring token distribution, in the beginning of Q2 2018.

OpenGenesis platform features


We are building a trustless, fully transparent and open platform for sportsbetting that will have nothing to hide.


With the help of blockchain solutions we design indestructible and serverless platform that is community driven and does not require middleman nor maintanence.

Earn by creating content

Token holders will be able to earn ether from our platform by creating matches, categories, leagues or submitting match results, taking their share of house margin.

Social features

Our betting platform includes social features such as built-in messaging and ranking. This allows users to communicate, subscribe and automatically copy bets from each other.

We welcome organizations

Organizations will be able to profit from our platform by verifying their content. If a team wins a match, it's organization receives portion of house margin.

Fairly distributed

Our unique Initial Coin Distribuion (ICO) model is designed to minimize centralization by distributing voting power to as many hands as possible using daily distribution method.

Control your investment

Our one of a kind funding model ensures trust by allowing nearly full refunds of 90% of any amount purchased during the ICO at any given time after a distribution period is concluded.


We believe our distribution model in on pair with the DAICO specification. It gives direct voting control as well as allows individuals to receive a refund without any voting.

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"DAICO" is a relatively new concept of combining the best of DAO and ICO into one self-governed atonomous funding mechanism. While this concept is still relatively new, we've been working on it for months, combining the best of both worlds. Our smart contracts keep funds secure by storing ether in smaller instances each having it's own set of permissions that can be controlled on a function by function basis. We offer 90% refund and give voting privileges to anyone. We will set the example of how ICO should look like in this dark post-ICO age.


Funds distribution

90% of contributed ether is refundable through smart contract. 10% goes towards platform development and team expansion.

90% tokens will be distributed in 4 seasonal distribution periods. Remainder will be released at a fixed daily rate.

Half of the budget will go towards platform development. 1/4 will be dedicated to marketing, while remaining will act as buffer (reserve).

Download "OpenGenesis whitepaper"

The OpenGenesis whitepaper covers in depth what the first-generation betting platform is all about, how it works, and what are our future plans to improve it. Second-generation platform whitepaper will be released around Q2 2018.


  • Finalizing the OpenGenesis platform

    Summer GEN token distribution. Team expansion. Light marketing. Partially test opengenesis platform on Rinkeby test network.

  • OpenGenesis platform release. DappSDK R&D.

    OpenGenesis platform launch. Autumn token distribution. Begin development of DappSDK, which will be used to develop our second-generation betting platform.

  • MyEtherSports 2.0 Testnet

    Testing of our custom designed chain. Organize a game jam to stress test our implementation. Last and final Winter distribution of the remaining tokens.

  • MyEtherSports 2.0 Mainnet

    Launch of the second-generation betting platform. Allow transfer of GEN tokens from Ethereum to our custom designed chain using Atomic Swap technique.

  • OAuth and social integration

    Add optional sign-in methods that will allow mapping of social media account to user wallets and sign transactions directly within the app itself (similar to BlockOneID)

  • Heavy marketing campaign

    Road towards the ultimate platform that is ready for casual bettors. Invite famous sports organizations to verify themselves on our platform so they can receive their share.